What a lovely... how do you call it?

Monday 2011/04/18

Who ever said ignorance is bliss? I've been getting so frustrated with myself lately for not having a clue about nature, even though I enjoy spending so much time in it. While admiring such unbelievably gorgeous sights on my travels, I feel as if I have a very special book in front of me that I cannot read. Is there anything worse than for such an illiterate man to attempt writing a travelogue? Well, let's see.

Baš je lijep koji ono cvijet?

Wouldn't it be far better to write „I was very impressed with a thick and luscious tree top of a lone-standing indigenous holm oak“ rather than my „oh what a lovely... tree!“? For example, there are more than 1300 sorts of plants on the island of Cres. Each one of them unique with a specific story to it. Some of them are edible, some are poisonous, some smell amazing, some are endemic, etc., etc... And how many of those extraordinary plants do I know? I can tell a bush, a tree, macchia and grass. That's how knowledgeable I am on that matter. But hey, I'm sure I'll learn eventually. Until then, just trust me when I tell you that what I'm seeing is absolutely beautiful. What ever it’s called.

The last day of the letter „E“ started as usual. I'm beginning to feel like a proper, adventure style celebrity. I was invited to come and join the start of a traditional hiking expedition, but after first 100 metres I turned at the corner, got in the car and rushed off to Cres. This was where I got invited to join a start of the 4th Cres cycling race, but only after the introduction of our Welcome project .

I was invited by Marin Ruspic, founder of the organization Cres Insula Activa which endeavours (and very successfully so) to utilise this amazing potential of the island of Cres as the perfect location for adventure tourism. Apart from numerous races they've also organized many other events and happenings, using this opportunity to present and promote the new adventure map of Cres, which should prove very useful for all seeking adventure packed tourism. (Should I mention here that, while being on the road with Marina and Sebastijan Fleiss I truly enjoyed seeing all the wonderfully picturesque sights of bushes, trees and grass?)

I had to escape from some cyclists again, after cordially spending some 20 minutes riding alongside of them, so I got in the car where I had finished my „writing“ the day before. I joined three other cyclists for a ride towards Lubenice. On our way we ran into our first snake of the Welcome project. I learned later on, that there aren’t any poisonous snakes on Cres and Losinj. But this one really did look dangerous. The legend says that all the islands were blessed, and therefore sorted out snake wise, by Bishop St. Gaudencije from Osor.

Everyone already knows just how unique and beautiful Lubenice are. But that doesn't diminish the thrill of seeing them again. On the contrary.

After Lubenice, which was the last stop for some people running the marathon, I carried on through the macadam path towards Martinscica, which is on the west side of the Vransko jezero lake. This journey, accessible only by SUVs and bikes, of course, was absolutely thrilling, with views over the lake and all sorts of extraordinary plants and quite ordinary sheep.

I will soon be leaving Cres and going over the drawbridge in Osor, and in this interesting, and yet so little known ancient town of amazing history, I cross over to Losinj. Taking macadam paths and hiking routes I reached, relatively quickly, a mountain lodge and then I was off to the highest peak of this island mountain. Instead of taking the hiking path, I choose the macadam – which was a mistake. The macadam is long, hard, closed up, uninspiring and frustrating in every sense of the word. Realizing I'd missed out on seeing the highest peak of Osorscica, Televrin (at respectable 588m), I decide to blame our co coordinator Cedo for this grave strategic mistake.

Accompanied by Luka, whose amazing photos seem to have more and more fans each day, I descend over the peek of St. Mikula, with a small chapel, catching views of the reef and the whole Cres-Losinj archipelago) up to Nerezin. Once I'm at Mali Losinj I'm making my last steps of the letter „E“.

I would also like to say a word or two about Gustafi who played at Nerezine, but I'm not sure I can remember anything...