The W Day

Wednesday 2011/04/06

We started off from Savudrija with all the media frenzy and voices of children from a near by kindergarten in Umag singing to us, we had a truly exciting arrival in Poreč with a wind orchestra „Porecki delfini“ playing for our welcome, and above all that a perfect day for kayaking, a completely surreal picnic in Antenal and a grand theft of our three laptops and a part of photo equipment.

All of this in just the first day of our adventure, as we call it the Day W – first day of our WELCOME journey.

Dan W

Whatever will happen to us in the next 2465 kilometres, when these first 35 have been this eventful?!

It all started with a perfect morning for rowing. After rain and hard wind, which got us seriously worried the night before, the day was perfect for our kayaking overture of the Welcome. With crystal clear sea, and a view over our eldest lighthouse showing off snowy peaks of Italian Dolomites. An absolutely gorgeous picture. Due to all the media interest, press interviews and shoots, we ended up having to delay our start off for an hour...

While little kids from the kindergarten played around and sang „Tako lako“ („So easy“) to us, hoping that I haven't forgotten anything (which happens to me so easy), I boarded my kayak and joined Niksa and Sale, two of my friends who'd been waiting for me to deal with my media fans for some time so that we can start with „work“.

Honestly, I'm lost for words to describe the all day kayaking. I simply adore kayaking in the Adriatic. Especially on such a fantastic day: not too hot, with a wind on my back lifting waves not too big, but big enough to play around, surf and roll. Amaaaaziiiing!!!

This part of Istrian coastline is perhaps the least interesting, and yet we have had such an amazing time. A truly exotic start from Savudrija, then Dajla with biskupski ljetnikovac (bishop's mansion), Novigrad and its interesting Mandrac luka harbour, beautiful lanterns and small churches on the way, shoals with disappearing rolling waves... bliss...

Our cameraman and photographer Marko and Luka were less happy about their day when they found out their equipment had been stolen from the car. Three laptops, containing all the business and private data were gone (you might notice some stuff leaking onto you tube these days :) ) We have lost all of our photos taken from the start, so excuse our scarce photo/video coverage of the first day.

Person who really helped us a big deal is certainly Jasna Sabadin. Not only did she put together such an amazing welcome picnic for us, on the beach in Antenal, a place after Novigrad (cod-fish „in bianco“, omelette with asparagus, asparagus in olive oil, freshly squeezed orange juice... ) but she prepared it all so spontaneously and wholeheartedly. We were absolutely thrilled! Jasna promised to come and see us again, and I will then, no doubt, write more about this amazing lady.

We were having such a great time, we didn't even notice eight hours had gone by flying, which is the time it took us to get to Porec. We realized we were nearing our destination when we started hearing the sounds of out welcome party at the Porec waterfront. They had actually prepared this welcome for us, with a wind orchestra „Porecki delfini“ and an entertainer Tino Modric.

And so we got the party started on our first day of Welcome.

Short statistics:
- we've covered 38 kilometres so far
- rowing took us 7.5 hours
- average speed: 4.5 km/h
- maximum speed: 12.5 km/h