Summary of the Šibenik-Split adventure

Wednesday 2011/05/18

We finished the letter „C“ in Sibenik. Director of the Tourist board, Dino Karadjole and his son met up with us on the dock, in front of the most famous building in the historic town center, the St. Jacob's Cathedral. We spent the entire day sightseeing and just walking around „Kresimir's town“, which is another name for Sibenik since it was the residence of King Petar Kresimir the fourth.

Šibensko-splitski rezimetak

Looking down from the St. Mihovil fortress at the channel which connects Sibenik bay with another one coming from Prokljansko jezero lake, I was looking forward to experiencing these beautiful passages. We spent the evening at Sime and Mare's place in Tribunj, where they have the most gorgeous view in the world. Now I understand why Sime would never leave home. Their house, which is basically five minutes away from the sea, has a view over the entire archipelago of Kornati islands, Kurba Vela and Tetovisnjak, where we had met. The day after was reserved for Split. Holiday of St. Duje. Tens of thousands of people enjoying a promenade on the dock, walking through ornately decorated city. Our team, however, ended up on Bacvice. What kind of promotional-tourist-adventure journey would this be if we didn't give a proper mention to this unique product from Split: picigin. Even though people play around with this small ball throughout all the beaches in the Adriatic, real picigin is really only played on Bacvice. Bacvice is a unique spot, and the whole thing about picigin is very special indeed. It's no wonder there is a monography written about this phenomenon, there is a film being made about it, and it is in fact under protection as cultural heritage with aim to be put down as the cultural heritage of UNESCO. The team from Bacvice are even organizing a World championship. Of course, this would take place only in Split, with teams from Split taking part, a few possible appearances from teams from surrounding islands could be included, but they wouldn’t really count. With this in mind, I am forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to play here with two world champions, Paco and Mijo, and a living legend from Bacvice – Drago, as well as our famous singer Goran Karan. I was seriously enjoying myself, and even though I didn't look it at the time, I'm sure, I think I realized the whole point and philosophy of this noble skill.

For the celebration of St. Duje, the biggest and most important holiday in Split, I set out for another exclusive. Ivica Matkovic – Matan, the climbing legend from Split for almost two decades now, climbed up the bell tower of St. Duje and put up a Croatian flag on top of the dome of this beautiful building. Matan accepted my idea to include this bell-tower hopping into our Welcome. Thanks to him and his team, we managed to open up our Welcome flag as well. To be fair, I didn't climb for this part, I rather decided to wait for this climbing pro on the tower’s highest floor, and then we absailed proudly down together.

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