Sense and sensibility or We're gonna do this (after all)!

Monday 2011/03/28

It took me some tome to accept the fact that Welcome won't be happening this year. All points made during meetings with my dear and highly capable Imagos sounded quite sensible: we don't have a sponsor and without them we can't carry out a high quality project in its full potential. So, it would be best to hold out for another year, and set a search for a proper sponsor in the meantime.

Sensible, no doubt about it. But how can I put off a project I’ve already been living with for over a year now, and which I've had to postpone twice for the same reason. And how am I going to say to people, my friends and myself alone that I won't be going on this adventure yet again, when I can't believe I'm saying it?! And that this is not even the latest one of my unrealised projects, which I seem to have acquired an embarrassingly ample amount of.

Luckily, sense won in the end, so I embraced that famous quote by Churchill: "Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.", and returned to my peaceful and happy family life and motivational techniques to accept the postponement and prepare for the necessary search for a sponsor.

And then – a turn-around. First there was the news, and then, a few meetings after, a confirmation that the Croatian National Tourist Board is going to support the Welcome project. This year! And yes, we're gonna do this after all!

There's so much stuff left to organize, so many things left to deal with before we set off in such short period of time, but what is this common sense, that's telling me to calm down, worth when my heart and soul are singing – we're gonna do this!!!

Sense is so overrated.