Remember to walk tall under the stars

Monday 2011/04/11

I'm completely lost for words to express how absolutely overjoyed I am with this adventure, it really has turned out to be amazingly beautiful and packed with so much action and excitement. To quote our own team wiseman Marko: „I can't work this way! “. I simply don't know how to convey my impressions from this journey without repeating myself with how overjoyed and delighted I am and over doing it by carrying on in that manner… but, I'll try!

Čovječe, ne idi malen ispod zvijezda

This was our sixth and last day of the letter „W“, and while we were still planning it out, I had my biggest worries about this part of the Welcome. I had many undefined details and open dilemmas. Still, I wasn't afraid, because I knew I had an ace up my sleeve. When Elvir Sulic, captain of the most prestigious Croatian adventure team "Adnature" and creator of numerous adventure and trekking events, confirmed that he and his team would be spending a day with me, I was put at ease. I was a little bit worried about his estimation of time, since he thought, if I was to set off early in the morning, I would get to Delnice between 9 and 11 in the evening, but I was already resigned to the fact that the last section of the first letter would be the longest. Thanks to Elvir, though, that wasn’t the case, in the end!

I was really happy I was going to be spending the day with Darija Bostjancic, Elvir, Dario Rocco and Stiven Vunic. Their team just got back two months ago from a prestigious race in Patagonije, and I've been their biggest fan ever since I first met Darija and Elvir at a first Croatian adventure race, CroChallenge, in 2000. Since then they've achieved so much (Darija even got to Mt. Everest), and our paths had crossed many times. I don't know Stiven all that well, but he has been in Adnatura for many years, which is enough for me to know he's an ok bloke. The fact that I know his nose to be extremely sensitive to sun, and that he has to put lashings of sun cream on his face, doesn't really aid the narrative right now. Dario Rocco is a true adventurer, and it would be best to present him through his own web page stranice.

He is a real connoisseur of all the equipment and technology and has helped me a great deal with his knowledge in preparing for the Welcome.

We got Mr. and Mrs. Kalcic join us, Elvis and Marija, so we started off the sixth day with a pretty big entourage.

Just so you know: Elvir, who knows every nook and cranny of his neck of the woods, came out with a completely new plan just over night (you might notice on the map, the route we took is different than what we had planned). We swapped long walks with even longer walks, but took quicker bike rides, and my faithful and trusting co coordinator Cedo brought me my bike all the way up to Medvjedja vrata, a notch half way to the mountain lodge

Risnjak, and from there I could get a lot quicker to Crni Lug and then onto the road to Delnice. That is how I've managed to get to Delnice after just ten hours of action, still in one piece, bright and cheerful, before sunset.

And where have I been and what have I been up to? This is where I start to struggle with my use of descriptive words. So, I would rather recommend you to take a look at this gallery: Lukinih slika for these are really pictures that say a thousand words (at least thousand more than I can think of right now).

Of course, I was completely thrilled. The day was perfect. The air was crisp and clean. Every breath was healing and restoring my soul. Spring hasn't arrived here yet, but what seems like late autumn is absolutely gorgeous. Gomance plateau, paths meandering through beech forests and pinewoods towards Platak, overlooking some snowy peaks, amazing views of Risnjak, all towards Crni Lug... There are just no words to describe, convey or compare; I just know I walked and cycled through it all and that I'm thankful for every step and every breath I took in this amazing, everlasting, natural beauty