Saturday 2011/04/02

I feel a bit calmer now that the press conference is done. One less possibly nagging feeling looming over my head, and I'm a bit more relaxed about leaving my family for two whole months. If I keep attracting media coverage as I have done for the past few days, my family will be seeing even more of me than usual.

We've attracted a fair amount of coverage from the press, on television and on the internet, and I keep giving interviews for radio stations. 24 sata news web site has even given us our own part in the lifestyle section, and we haven't even set off yet!

Some might not believe this but I have found all this media pomp the most difficult part of the Welcome project, even though I'm very much grateful for it. I just don't like being in front of the camera. But since I am very much aware that the sole promotion potential of the Welcome can in fact be used only if people hear about it, I have accepted this as something inevitable and indeed required.

So many young people these days want to be famous, but not for something they actually do, rather just by showing up, tossing their mane and showing their pearly whites, you know.

I have always preferred the idea of being: healthy, rich and – anonymous.

And healthy I am, knock on wood. Quite rich, also (I measure wealth with a sense of real values in life, not solely focusing on the material). However, I’m thinking, what with all the fantastic strategy set up by Projektil, our immensely outgoing media partner, widespread communication of our Croatian National Tourist Board and my mother’s unfailing energy for spreading news by word-of-mouth...