I can do it!

Tuesday 2011/03/29

Small worries and excitement over organisation and preparation for the journey. Teams in Imago and Projektil are starting to lose it slightly. I'm not even quite sure myself what to do first. Should I start thinking about all the equipment I haven't acquired yet, or start looking for hosts and friends that could take us in, or should I sort out movement permits needed for protected areas, or maybe I should do some work around the house before I leave home for two months..?

And then, through all this stress and panic, I hear the question I have in fact been asking myself all along: Daniel, are you going to be able to do all this?

Interesting question. And the answer? Honestly, I haven't got a clue. I haven't actually thought about it seriously for a moment. For example, the Welcome adventure begins with a two day journey in a kayak, which will take about 100 kilometres. In total it will take me to do 700 kilometres in a kayak. Last time I attempted something like this was more than two years ago. This is actually a lot more strenuous than your usual fitness training. I should be better on a bike though, I do peddle off to town now and then, so my uphill ride home, of about 5-6 kilometres, should do me as a good training session. But it's nothing compared to a 1500 km I've got ahead. I think I'm most confident with my walking. I was in two ultra hard trekking liga, adventure trekking competitions, I walked through U.P.R.I. gelender events and trained at 40 kilometres.

Luckily, I'm not worried by some numbers and calculations or my fitness level. I know I love being outside, riding a bike, walking, kayaking... I know I will be meeting interesting and nice people, going through some amazing locations, and that I will immensely enjoy the whole experience. I'm sure it won't be painful. Although it would only be painful in a good way.

I'm sure parts of it will be hard. And I'm sure I won't give up. And if I knew the answers to all other questions what would the purpose of the adventure be? :-)