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Monday 2011/04/04

It seems like none of us could really believed that we have finally set off. Even though we’ve been effectively packing and preparing everything for the last week or two, trying to make sure we get it all done and sorted before we leave for this two month adventure, it wasn't until we got to Ina petrol station on the motorway, that we realised that Welcome is really on a go.

Tomorrow is Day W!

We are starting a two-month adventure that I have been excited about and really hoping to start for past two years now. Our cameraman Marko has been gearing up to go for little less than a year. He has already packed and unpacked his luggage a few times over, as the situation with the project kept changing our start dates. Luka the photographer, and our organizer Cedo, joined at the last minute. Only a couple of weeks ago they were living quiet student and family lives, when they got the call they'd been „mobilized“. Both of them successfully reprogrammed their short term plans and joined us right off the bat. It took Luka only a couple of minutes to convince his parents that exam dates can in fact be postponed, while Cedo had some more family negotiations to do.

Anyway, we leave tomorrow! Garmin's Oregon is fully charged, memory data cleared and all set up to record first kilometres of the world's longest welcome. Our computer wizard Zac has managed to whip up an interface which will enable us to report to you almost live via picture, text and geographic coordinates. All of the equipment is in its place and ready for use, rowing, pedalling and hiking. Lengthy kilometres of our beautiful country are rolling before us, marvellous and magical whether we're aware of them or not.

From now on it all depends on the human factor. I hope we won't go down swinging. HOME TWEET HOME is our address from today. Join us. You are welcome!