Flying penguins, fog, and other connotations

Saturday 2011/05/28

We used our day for transfer to have a look around a climbing spot at Sveta Nedjelja. There is a real peaceful, little, exotic adventure center at the end of this small village, put together by Slovak Miro. A few years ago, when he had just discovered this location, with ideal climbing cliffs emerging directly from the sea, he left his day job, left Slovakia and moved over here.

Leteći pingvini, izmaglica i ostale konotacije

Today, his humble but amazing adventure center offers more than hundred arranged climbing routes, kayaking trips, trekking and an option of living like Robinson Crusoe in a beautiful, protected bay. Driving in our car towards the ferry for Sucuraj, we passed through the whole length of the island Hvar. Even though traveling by car doesn't really give you the opportunity to see and experience the place properly, we managed to see a lot and can't wait to be back here. We'd like to take the kayak, our bikes and to walk around this magnificent island.

We pretty much spent the whole of our new working day kayaking. Changing to our bikes from Makarska to Zivogosce (Blato) on the main highway wasn't very pleasant due to all the traffic, but the entire riviera under the Biokovo mountain really is spectacular. And you know what? It's basically end of May now and it's still almost empty. We have unanimously decided that we are never gonna go to the sea side again during the peak of the season. All the beaches which get completely chock-a-block packed with people all through July and August are now completely free. Weather is on our side again for another round of rowing. We have another 16 miles to go, most of which goes through the channel between Hvar and Peljesac. There’s often wind and waves in the channel, but today we’re safe from that. Just a breeze and small waves breaking the monotony of rowing on calm sea. Due to slight fog that’s lifted, our goal, the cape at the very end of island Peljesac, seems far and unreachable. It seemed like we were standing still for hours. This doesn’t seem to be able to reach this lighthouse we keep trying to get to. Our three kayaks have spread as far away from each other as they could, and so we are all rowing on our own, deep in thoughts. Our only interruption was one lonely dolphin who emerged right in front of us a few times, some funny looking birds that look like flying penguins ( I’m sorry I don’t know what kind they actually are), and two tankers, which disappeared as quickly as they showed up, probably on their way to Neum.

Our goal is the place called Lovište, situated in a lovely, quiet, protected bay at the very top of the peninsula. We rowed towards the riva where we saw our Welcome target gate with a group of kids cheering a waving at us. They have set up a table for us, with home made brandy, figs and fritule (traditional local sweet), we got to meet Stjepan Rudan, president of the Local Committee Council and had a very pleasant chat with some local people. I'm really glad we chose this place as the goal for this stage. We have discovered another unique pearl of our country.

Today, the locals live mostly of tourism, especially nautics, and they have very big development plans for certain and bright future. They have very solid foundations: they have about 40 kilometers of coast in their possession. That's like whole of Slovenia.


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