Day of rest?

Tuesday 2011/04/12

We could all hardly wait for our first day of rest. We decided we would take a break in between two letters. The plan was to quietly sort out our impressions, tidy up the mess that had accumulated in the cars, have some proper rest, catch up on our sleep and smooth out all the kinks we didn't get to deal with during our 6 days of the „W“trip. In the end in turned out to be our busiest day and we got no rest at all.

Dan odmora?

In brief, concerning my part: I haven't even started writing my notes, and I've set a mission for myself to write at least two themed blog posts (a resume of the first letter and one on the equipment and the logistics of this whole project), I haven't managed to repack and sort out the equipment and gear bits, even though I had scattered everything all over the room that looked tsunami-ridden, and I haven't managed to sort out some pretty big technical dilemmas concerning this project (as in how exactly is one suppose to use this GPS Garmin device?). I was party comforted by the fact that no one else in the team seemed to have their stuff under control either.

What I did manage to do was try out the Eskimo roll (a manoeuvre of returning the kayak back to its normal navigable position after it had tipped over). And since I haven't done this for a while, and in a Necky's Looksha, which I was given by Ernest from Surfshop. I certainly wanted to try this manoeuvre out if and when we end up doing some serious kayaking. I will practise on this when I get a bit more southern, where the sea is a bit warmer.

Day of rest was certainly a good idea. After six days of non-stop action I was beginning to feel tired, but mostly because of lack of sleep (ah, all this blogging!) rather than from all the actual physical strain. I was quite surprised with my own level of physical fitness and tolerance. I have not sustained any muscle aches or pains, or any trauma. Cedo explains this with my complete spiritual and physical dedication to the project and subsequent clearing of all chakras and energy flows on all levels... Or something like that. I can't repeat his words, but it all sounds very metaphysical.

What I can tell you is that I'm not feeling at all exhausted by everything I've been up to these past few days, walking, cycling and kayaking, but I'm rather feeling replenished and charged with some new energy, massively enjoying all the beautiful nature and people who keep joining us on this adventure. I wouldn't want to end up sounding too pretentious, but I am feeling invigorated and healed. Maybe I should go and rest for a bit?