Boys and their toys

Thursday 2011/03/31

I was faced with a somewhat twisted family picture this evening, with my wife and children sat on a sofa staring at me with a pretty emotional (or pitiful, maybe) look on their faces. This should come as no surprise really, since their devoted husband and dotting father at his ripe old age was parading all over the house in his brand new climbing gear. I have to say that I was pretty excited to try on all of my fantastic new equipment I got from our praiseworthy sponsors.

This reminded me of the time when our kids were very little and would get overjoyed with any kind of small presents they got (nowadays they don’t bother so much with hiding their disappointment when presents don’t reach their expectations). It's just that this time, I was the little overjoyed kid, not even attempting to hide my emotions.

I just can't help myself. I'm not really able to think rationally when spending money on new equipment, even if it costs me and an arm and a leg. However, since life had slapped me with a pretty real veto on unnecessary money spending due to recession, you can imagine my state of excitement when I started packing for my adventure.

I was jumping for joy just like a little kid, happily grinning over brand new toys, regardless of the real value of these things I've acquired. The fact that my goggles were significantly cheaper than my (shiny new) bike or that the price of the protective helmet cannot even compare to that of my mighty kayak, nothing could spoil my sincere happiness. And this is without even mentioning my rock climbing gear. I'm gonna have me a little dance of joy around my front room right now, and I don't care who's watching!

And just like a little kid can't wait to open his presents and play with his new toys, dismantle them and put them together again (hopefully), I can't wait for my adventure to start so that I can use all of my brand new super powerful gear. I'm sure I'll write more coherently about all of this when my temporary insanity and infatuation with these shiny new things wears of a bit, and I'll make sure I share my experience with all of you fellow „gear freaks“ out there.