Bliss in Merag

Sunday 2011/04/17

I'm really interested in seeing which photos Luka will put up today, and what Marko has managed to record and also when will Cedo get a hold of those lithium batteries. And how will I ever manage to catch up on everything I didn't get to do today. All in all, I could very well call this penultimate „E“day a day of crises.

Merak u Meragu

I'm just saying I could. The truth is there are no pictures, recordings, batteries or a possibility of making up for the lost time. However, we did manage to do some excellent exploring and roaming around with Robert from BK Crikvenica. I’ve also utterly enjoyed rowing for the first time with the wind and waves gushing right at me. And the day was made that much special with a discovery of a little piece of heaven above Merag.

We set off in the morning with the usual shooting for the regional TV programme and an official farewell of the first man of Njivice, who sporting his fantastic image and holding a pipe, posed for us as a statue of an old fisherman in front of which we started the journey...

It seems that in Istria and Kvarner a guarantee for a great adventure goes by the name of: Robert. First I had Robert Faraguna escort me from Pazin to Labin, and then the day later it was Robert Sandl, the secretary of BK Crikvenica. After everything I've seen and been through on the island of Krk I can put it into writing for my wife and kids that our summers are never going to be the same again. There is just too much to explore and enjoy than to just lie on the beach all day. And to all of you reading this blog, get a hold of as many maps of Krk hiking routes as you can and get going. You won't be sorry.

I chose cape Glavotok as a starting point for my rowing route towards Cres, which boasts a beautiful Franciscan monastery. I was less impressed with all the lightning I could see flashing in the middle of the channel. An hour and a half later I was struggling to finish my last miles before arriving at Merag. The island Plavnik couldn't shelter me from the strong wind and I simply wasn't able to get to the finish line. I was trying as hard as I could, but my speed kept decreasing to less than 2m/h. It was so frustrating to be looking at the shore at such proximity and not being able to reach it. Strangely enough I still got some real strong feeling of achievement in fighting against the wind, though.

In the end, I managed to get to Merag faster than Cedo and unlucky Luka, who had to miss out on a ferry ride because of gas transport, and I seemed to be looking a whole lot better than Marko who was a bit green while getting off the boat.

Since the road that leads from Merag to the main road for Cres seemed long, steep and boring, I decided to take an old route. Bingo! This steep little path was absolutely gorgeous. When I was nearing the top I noticed a small meadow looking like a little piece of heaven: lambs frolicking on soft, luscious, green grass, smells of potent summer herbs in the air, with one lonely, round tree in the middle and a view spreading over Krk, Plavnik and the channel of Senj. Beautiful.

This unexpected discovery refilled my batteries and I was feeling ready to go on. I grabbed the bike from Cedo who was already waiting for me and I went down to Cres. Marko and Luka obviously didn't have such a healing episode. I found them sprawled out by the city fountain. Marko was lying down on the bench snoozing (which is putting it mildly, he was really out of it and fast asleep), while Luka was just gazing off into the distance probably looking for something to get him going again.

I managed to „write out“ some more of the letter „E“ by hiking through a macadam path, which ends somewhere before Valun. The views of flourishing vegetation and steep canyons ending up at gorgeous beaches of clear blue sea and small white pebbles were absolutely fantastic. Don't know where time went or what I'd planned wrong, but there was far too much I haven't passed by the time I should have been getting to Osor.

I'm going to have to seriously press on tomorrow, because I'm done with „writing“ for today. I need to take the car to Mali Losing where we've been invited to an opening of a Gastro festival by an incredibly cheerful group of tourists and locals but also the director of the Tourist board, Djurdjica Simicic.

I remember the people from Mali Losinj Tourist board as very ambitious, hospitable and extremely helpful team who are excellent organizers. This was the same kind of excellent impression they left on me this time. After a wonderful welcome and food from many different caterers from Losinj, I started writing my blog post. I was so tired, however, that I managed to finish these lines only two mornings later, while I had a chance to stay in a bit longer during our debate whether or not to go out during the storm. Also, our potential boat escorts weren't answering our phone calls, mind you, it was a night after the Gustafi concert. But that's another story.