Bare all...

Thursday 2011/12/01

Golo sve…

Literal translation of Goli otok is "barren island", and really, it's all bare there. There's absolutely nothing around! Just rock, only rock, bare rock. With an ocassional naked trekker. I mean totally bare naked. And what is a naked trekker doing on Goli otok? Here comes the bare truth:

Saturday, the last race of the trekking league. Goli otok? Why not, we haven't been there yet. 4 hiking and 6 ultra (hours I mean)? 6 (six)! The score system was pretty much like this - get as many check points as you can gather in given time. Alright! Before getting to Goli otok, I have already tredded on karren at islands of Pašman, Krk and Rab. And after all that I was finally back on the flat terrain. While at Goli otok, that same foot of mine was only stepping on pointy rock peaks for whole 6 hours. I could only keep my eyes focused on where I was gonna step next. That psychological torture kept me twitching in my sleep for two more nights. Oh, and the rocks! Rocks, stones, crushed stone dust, pebbles... who would have thought such a small island would have so many forms. What we were reffering to as "the road" the day before, turned out to be a crushed stone path. You don't stumble on that ground as much as you sink into it, though.

Check points were all over the island. At tops, sandbanks, through the above, all the way down, in pens, abandoned prison buildings, at water collection points and... one was even on a nearby island, at whole 3 meters distance, but too far to make it in one jump. You want 60 points? Then swim! And people swam alright. Bashful show-offs hurried to collect their points in full gear, while some girls opted to jump in wearing their bikinis, and one guy went in bare naked. I saw him before my bare eyes.

A bare naked man, so what. However, he did take his trainers off as well, which meant he had to walk around barefoot as well as starkers for 5 kilometres to reach the check point. And of course he didn't have his stamping card on him when he got there either. It was a terrific show to watch, until some wiseguy screamed: "Give the man some trainers to wear!".

Oh yes, and it was a sunny day, for wearing short sleeves and all. And there was about 300 of us on the island. Just us and all that bare rock! And Daniel Lacko who recorded it all (with a flat battery and a full card) :-))

The bare end.