Baby, it's cold outside...

Tuesday 2011/11/22

As we're witnessing the winter chill approaching, we might feel like just hiding under the blanket with some hot tea in one hand and a TV remote in the other. There's nothing wrong with snuggling up on a sofa, but if you have just spent your day walking and running around in nature, it makes it that much sweeter.

Zima, zima e pa šta je...

So get that hat on, grab your gloves, some quality water resistant boots... and... just get going... the road will take you somewhere. If you manage to climb high enough, you'll manage to get beyond all the fog, clouds and the cold.

When you return to the comfort of your home, after such a day, your sofa, your blanket and tea will get a completely new dimension. Personally tried and tested! You can definitely try this at home, kids! As often as you like!

For some more inspiration here's an interesting trekker's story from our friend Jagoda Malbaša:

It was a Saturday morning. As always... ... she put on her best clothes and hurried out for a coffee with friends. ... it was terribly crowded in town, with everyone rushing and recklessly pushing around.... trying to find a free spot to sit down, but with no luck... walking back and forth, back and forth... they always seem to end up in some stuffy corner, unhappy because no one will notice them there... they are annoyed with some old man nagging them for cigarettes and irritated there's always some hot girl showing off in her skinny jeans, with a new designer bag under one arm and some too cute for words guy under the other... they compare themselves with her and end up feeling fat, ugly and miserable in their frumpy clothes... they try not to show it and decide to talk about something else. Every Saturday is pretty much the same with all the usual, worn out conversation themes. A crowd of people, and she was all alone... no one noticing her... she would merely glimpse at her own reflection on a shop window... just to check her make-up and to see if dark circles under her eyes from last night show... she is snappy with her family at home, annoyed that one more weekend has passed, without there happening anything special... she feels useless and doesn't know how to carry on into another working week... she knows this is just the way life is, but she doesn't feel alive...

It was a Saturday morning. As always... she put on her best gear and hurried to meet with her friends at the start... it is always crowded at the start, with everyone saying hello to each other and chatting while they're warming up... as the start time approaches, the excitement grows... she is checking the map and trying to figure out where exactly will this Saturday take her... she can't wait for the adventure to begin... her heart is racing as she is about to conquer the first hill... on the way, she is meeting up with some people, and everyone cheerfully says hi... she ends up chatting to some other people who got slightly lost and are laughing it off now, trying to get back on the right path... she is hurling ahead, giving it all she's got... struggling to catch her breath, what from the speed, what from the beautiful nature that surrounds her... the day has gone by so quickly and she is already at her last check point... her adrenalin is running wild as she is about to reach the goal, so she hurries up even faster... everyone is clapping and she feels like a queen... filthy and sweaty, tired and hungry, she feels her eyes welling up with pride and thrill, her cheeks glowing... she feels more beautiful than ever... everyone around her feels the same and comfortable to be in that kind of company... happy to have done something pretty special for herself today... she chats and retells her story and listens to others talk about their day... she laughs as she thinks this will prolong her life and give her less lines and wrinkles... she is seriously enjoying her shower more than ever and can't wait to get to bed... as she stretches on the bed, she can feel every inch of her body vibrating with life... she is looking forward to the new week ahead and the weekend that will follow... she closes her eyes, still hearing the wind in the trees and seeing the last rays of light disappearing behind the mountain peaks... she falls asleep immediately... she dreams about her real life as it is and sleeps with a smile on her face... always... she is a trekker!