Why Welcome?

If we ignore the fact that we needed to find a seriously good excuse for two-month absence from home and for the purpose of our own pure selfish pleasure (as some of our family members like to point out about this hard and strenuous project) this adventure of ours also had a few official reasons:

  1. To point out and promote Croatia’s beautiful nature and heritage through our own personal and lived through experience, straightforward in a direct and sincere manner.
  2. To discover, learn about and finally present to others some less known spots, regions, landscapes and people we will be meeting - all this by moving in a predetermined route, defined by letters forming the word “Welcome”.
  3. To introduce Croatia as an ideal destination for all kinds of active and adventure tourism.
  4. To present our website www.welcome.hr as the best source of information for all adventure tourism in Croatia.

But perhaps the simplest (and most honest) reason why we are doing the Welcome project is: because we love Croatia, we love nature and all nature-oriented activities and would like to see this happen to you too.