Team members

Daniel Lacko

Daniel is the best example of what happens when one overindulges in reading Jules Verne, Mark Twain and other action and adventure literature during most sensitive childhood years. He may have therefore entered puberty a bit later than children normally do, but remains there indefinitely. He is a great admirer of nature and outdoor sports which are his passion, hobby and his livelihood.

As a journalist, sportsman and organiser he is often involved with numerous adventurous projects and events on all continents. He is the president of the Adventure tourism department within the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The Welcome project is a realisation of all Lacko's adventure desires and ambitions: promoting Croatia as an ideal adventure tourism destination, enjoying various adventurous activities, collecting some amazing impressions and materials for his travelogue and finally having a perfect excuse for a long holiday away from home. Daniel is the author, team leader, guru and the main sufferer of the Welcome expedition.

Luka Tambača

Born and raised in Zagreb, Luka is a 5th year student at the Zagreb school of economics and management, with a major in marketing. After his family, his girlfriend and his friends, he finds his greatest passion in alpinism and photography. He enjoys recording all of his adventures, whether it is rock climbing, mountain hiking, or just enjoying nature in general. Settings most featured in his photos are the Alps and the Velebit mountain range since this is where most climbing trips took place. Organized by Auto Blic, Luka participated in an expedition to Nordkapp 2010 as one of the photographers, documenting many various climbing adventures like the „Big wall speed climbing“ at the Paklenica National park. Luka does his best to capture every single glorious detail, from hand blisters and grains of sweat to spotting wild animals and welcoming dawn.

Marko Rukavina

Marko Rukavina – owner of Bunika Production company and co-founder of the portal. Born in 1978 in Zagreb, he finished Technical school in 1997. He graduated in Business organisation in 2004 at the College of economy and entrepreneurship. He worked for few years as a freelance cameraman and montage editor. With his friend Marko Prpić he founded in 2005, a portal which counts over 2000 members from all over the world. The project was spread to form an online agency – which has just launched.

In 2007 he formed his own production house - Bunika produkcija. Working as a cameraman and a montage editor he has taken part in developing short documentary films, music videos, commercials, corporate films and artistic video projects. In love with the sea and the islands, adventure sports and travelling. As a cameraman he has worked on projects in New York, Amsterdam, Milan, Istanbul and Berlin. He met Daniel Lacko at a Vanka Regule – outdoor sports festival in Sutivan on the island of Brač. Marko will be recording every moment of this adventure, regardless of all highly probable injuries bound to happen.

Čedo Josipović

Teacher of physical education and a speleology instructor with a long term experience in creating and executing adventure and teambuilding programmes. Highly versed in organizing many different open-air activities: mountaineering, bivouacking, orienteering and basic survival, he has acquired most of his vast experience in Croatia but also all around the globe (China, India, Iceland...). He loves learning from real life experience and different situations. For such a purpose he established the Asincin, an organization for fostering a contact with nature inside and around us. Within the Welcome project Čedo is a field coordinator.