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Welcome to Welcome,

an adventure that can be best summed up as a – travelogue. And this journey is made up of one single most important word travellers like to hear: Welcome!

I am planning on “writing” this kind word of welcome while travelling. Along this writer’s journey my team and I will tour through more than 2500 kilometres, including eight national parks, three nature parks, four protected landscapes, special geomorphologic reserves, six rivers, eleven mountain tops, and endless amounts of amazing experiences.

All observation from this adventure will come from my own personal lived through experience. Whether on foot or by bike, by rowing a boat, climbing on or descending from cliffs, by parachute or by other human powered means of transport, from Savudrija to Dubrovnik, I will form a big word of Welcome stretching all over Croatia.

And while our adventure, which we will use to „write down“ the biggest welcome sign in the world, will be recorded by the GPS device, and will be visible via Google Earth, we will record all parts of this amazing experience.

Apart from many already famous sights, we will be discovering some unseen areas, getting to know places that we have perhaps never even heard of, meeting interesting new people and dealing with unpredictable new situations.

All of this with an aim to promote our beautiful homeland of Croatia as a country with luscious nature, rich heritage and wonderful people...

...as a country with the biggest welcome in the world.

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